About eVA


About eVA

EUROPEAN VORTAL ACADEMY- eVA- is an interdisciplinary program introduced to train executives and experts eProcurement, through an integrated and systemic understanding of major issues of e-public procurement avoiding the usual temptation to solely identify public procurement with public law.

EUROPEAN VORTAL ACADEMY has ambitious objectives embracing executives and experts of EU member States who are required to apply e-public procurement procedures following Directives 2004/17/CE and 2004/18/CE.

These objectives are to consider key European policies related to e-procurement, namely on support to SMEs, on development of E-Government and public markets as well as important projects such as PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online). It should be noted that members of eVA have been active contributors to PEPPOL since its inception.

This program includes high level seminars for CEO's, specialized courses on public acquisitions of goods, services and works, e-business, multi-criteria models for tender evaluation, negotiation techniques, public auctions and new concepts such as framework agreements or dynamic acquisition systems.

Major programs will be offered in Portuguese, in Spanish and in English during 2014 with the aim to contribute to cross border public e-procurement helping build up a more dynamic and integrated European public market.

Contact: info@vortal.biz