Reports & White papers

Reports & Whitepapers

Another work line of eVA is the preparation of studies and reports in order to diffuse the situation of e-procurement in the different EU countries.

Below you can access the studies that are currently available:



"A strategy to reduce public expenditure based on e-tendering and PROCUREMENT Business Inteligence": The case of Portugal. Report edited and prepared by eVA which addresses the advantages of implementing e-tendering widely in Portugal.


"Public eTendering in the European Union". A panoramic study on the implementation of electronic procurement in the European Union States. The report has the answers and opinions of key industry players



Book written by Jaime Domínguez-Macaya and sponsored by european Vortal Academy Spain: "Keys to effective procurement". Who does not know him, Jaime was the driver of the eProcurement Platform of the Basque Government for over ten years. He was a visionary in the application of new technologies to public procurement.