WEB-based semINAR 


A presentation delivered over the Web.


Our main objective is to have this new communication tool available for you, with the purpose to spread and debate specific issues related to e-Procurement, e-Tendering and e-Sourcing, using our Customers and Market experience as the main driver. In a regular basis several sessions will be created in distinct subjects, where your attendance will play the critical factor for its success. 





Soon there will be a new Directive on Public Procurement that will impose the use of electronic platforms for all the procurement activities of Central Purchasing Bodies, especially in what concerns the electronic noticing, access to tender documents and the electronic submission of bids from suppliers.


This webinar will explain what will change with these new directives, the impact they will have on central purchasing activities and the solution for all of it. It is particularly directed to European Central Purchasing Bodies that follow the rules defined in the EU Directives on Public Procurement.

eVA has the pleasure to invite you for this webinar, presented by our eProcurement Expert Professor Luís Valadares Tavares



1. New EU Directives: Impacts on Central Purchasing Bodies;
2. Must haves on e-Noticing, e-Access and e-Submission;
3. New generation of electronic procurement: Framework Agreements and Dynamic Purchasing Systems;
4. What options CPBs have in order to prepare this evolution?